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12th December, 2022, in Inspiration


Bill Ross is the man behind the 'Ordinary Bloke on a Bike' YouTube videos and is an inspiration to a growing number of amateur cyclists. When you see the transformation that Bill underwent going from couch to LEJOG, you cannot help but to be impressed with his focus and dedication. 

This fantastic series of VLOGS pulls together pictures, videos and Go-Pro footage taken on his Pedal Britain tour in August 2021. It charts the very real emotional rollercoaster of doing LEJOG and Bill gives a very honest appraisal of each day through his commentary. 

If you are thinking of taking on the ultimate road cycling challenge in the UK then these videos will provide you with an amazing insight into the daily routines, along with the physical and mental challenges you can expect.

However most importantly they will give you the reassurance that if you do the training and have the right mental approach, you too can Pedal Britain. 

 Just click on the video you want to watch:

Like many people do that take on LEJOG, Bill was fundraising for a charity close to his heart, and managed to raise a fantastic £10,000 for Zoe's Place. Not one to rest on his laurels Bill has signed up to participate in our France End to End tour in Sept 2023 and hopes to raise further funds for this fantastic cause. 
You can follow Bill's progress as he prepares for the France tour on his YouTube Channel 'Ordinary Bloke on a Bike' just click on the picture to visit his site, subscribe and check out his other highly informative videos.

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