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Training Resources


Always the most asked question each year, especially for those signed up for LEJOG is "How much training should I be doing?" 

Most companies will just issue you with a one size fits all 'standard' training plan and leave you to it. However our research showed that a high % of customers receiving these plans became even more anxious, opposed to motivated!!

So Pedal Britain has developed a range of training support resources to help meet the needs of all our customers.

 Summary of Available Training Support 

Training Blog                       Article written to provide advice, hints/tips and introduce an adaptable training framework


Informal Chat  A FREE 30 minute consultation, with no obligation to buy any packages  FREE
Training Plans    
1. Go The Distance 12 Week foundation plan to build depth of fitness increasing resilience and stamina, plus skill-based exercises to help you become highly efficient on the bike £79.95
2. Mastering The Hills 12 Week plan to help prepare you for the climbs you will meet, helping you to savour their challenge £79.95
3. Raise Your Game

Monthly subscription plan that builds upon the previous month, ensuring continuous improvement and progression


Details of Training Support Resources       

Training Blog

This is a blog written to provide hints and tips on how to best prepare for a cycling holiday. It also introduces an adaptable training framework that anyone considering undertaking a multi-day cycling holiday can use if confident enough to create their own bespoke training plan. You can read this article here: Training Blog.

It also introduces other aspects of ride management that need to be considered when on a tour, such as nutrition and on longer challenge tours such as LEJOG the mental side of long distance cycling.

Informal Chat

This is a FREE 30-minute telephone consultation to answer any questions and help you understand a little more of what is required in terms of training and preparation for your event/tour. 

Who is it for: Anyone who has signed up to or is thinking of booking a Pedal Britain tour, and may have never done anything like this in the past, or just want some pointers. 

How do I book this? Just send us an email to training@pedalbritain.com with some suggested times or simply call us on 03308 084704.

Exclusive Training Plans

The training plans offered by Pedal Britain are built upon the practical experience of multi-day cycling events such as LEJOG, and are underpinned by industry-leading best practice and research, with online support and advice from Grant Goodman (cycleforfitness.com) who is British Cycling certified and TrainingPeaks accredited coach - who also happens to be a Pedal Britain guide.

As you’d expect, working for Pedal Britain, Grant is highly customer focused. Priding himself on understanding the person, their baseline fitness, fears / concerns, and through a programme of ongoing support, motivation and evaluation of progress, deliver continuous performance improvements at a pace that minimises the chances of training-induced injury and fatigue.

Discover more about the coaching packages he has developed for us here >> Training Plans

These training plans are your gateway to the readiness needed to start your Pedal Britain cycling tour and have been used by a number of clients already:

Clive Hawkins (LEJOG 2021) has been using Grant's services and has provided this fantastic endorsement:

"I have been using Grant as coach since late September and am very happy with his service: friendly, approachable, knowledgeable and great value for money. It's giving me the confidence that I'll turn up at Lands End as best prepared as I can be, especially given my limited cycling experience before last year." 



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