Portugal North to South

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7th Oct to 19th Oct 2024

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22nd Sep to 4th Oct 2025

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6th Oct to 18th Oct 2025

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  • Seeing the most spectacular scenery, UNESCO Heritage sites and nature Portugal has to offer on incredibly deserted roads.
  • Experiencing the regional changes in culture, tradition, and amazing variety of landscapes from North to South.
  • From stunning riverside roads, wine filled fields, to the highest point in continental Portugal, this tour has it all.
  • Sample gastronomic delights with fine wines in peaceful towns and villages boasting beautiful historic architecture. 
  • Arrive in the Algarve famed for its white sand beaches having experienced the best Portugal has to offer.


Sounds like the perfect cycling tour?

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Joining the tour

Start: Porto 

Our first night 'arrival day' Monday is spent exploring the historic, exciting and vibrant city of Porto. On Tuesday morning we transfer you to a scenic spot near the Spanish Border to start cycling.

For more detailed information please click the "Itinerary" tab below: 

Cycling level

Cycling level is 4 out of 5


The Perfect Portugal Adventure from North to South

Duration 11 Days Cycling
Accommodation  12 Nights Accommodation 
Distance 650 miles | 1046km 
Av. Daily Distance 60 miles | 97km 
Longest | Shortest 76 miles | 44 miles |  122km | 71km
Ascent 50,000ft | 15,245 metres 

Tour Summary

You’ll be exploring 650 miles and ascending 50,000ft from North to South, without compromise. We’ll climb to the highest point of Continental Portugal, visit and taste the wine areas, marvel at historical cities and villages, soak in the beauty of the natural parks and visit the vibrant city of Porto – in a non-stop road cycling adventure that culminates on a beach in the Algarve, taking in the best this stunning country has to offer.


Immerse in the diversity of landscapes, gastronomies and wines, as well as the different types of terrain, from challenging climbs to rolling hills and flat river roads. Discover the amazing history, culture and traditions Portugal has to offer.

The Alentejo region is a picturesque and charming place, where you’ll fall in love with the whitewashed villages, medieval castles, sunbathed plains and the secular traditions and lifestyle.


Visit the undiscovered paradise of one of the most remote areas in Portugal, the Douro International Park, with its beautiful landscapes and vantage points over the river. A UNESCO world heritage site, with its trademark "socalcos" or terraced vineyards, distinctive fields of olives and oranges, river beaches and wildlife. 

The car-free roads of inland Portugal provide you the conditions, safety and great atmosphere for cycling tours. Its varied topography will challenge you and make you a better cyclist. Dine and sleep in local charming hotels, once wineries or medieval castles, but now fully equipped hotels with their very own spas and amazing amenities to make you feel comfortable. 

Overview of Route

  Start End Distance Miles (km) Ascent
Arrival Day - Monday   Porto    

Day 1

Paradela Dam Mondim  44 (90km) 3995ft 
Day 2 Mondim The Douro 56 (90km) 5494ft 
Day 3 The Douro Longrovia 67 (108km) 6472ft 
Day 4 Longrovia Gouveia 50 (80km) 4428ft 
Day 5 Gouveia Covilha 42 (84km)*  5537ft*
Day 6 Covilha Proenca 66 (106km) 4750ft 
Day 7 Proenca Marvao 55 (82km) 4350ft
Day 8 Marvao  Vila Vicosa  76 (122km)  3890ft
Day 9 Vila Vicosa  Moura 65 (105km)  3339ft
Day 10 Moura Merola  66 (106km) 1916ft
Day 11 Mertola  Tavira  58 (93km)  4294ft
Departure Day - Saturday Tavira  Totals 644 (1036km)* 50363ft* 


* Day 4 - Optional Ride to Highest Point in Portugal makes day totals 52 miles with 7354ft ascent

* Tour Totals including this option are 654 miles with 52,063ft



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